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What we do

At hiring, we are experts in the selection of technical profiles, middle management and high direction executives. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge in different sectors and they are our main distinctive value.

hiring Recruiting

Division oriented to middle management and qualified profiles selection

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hiring Executive

Division oriented to high direction executives and functional direction selection

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hiring RPO

Specialized service where we incorporate a hiring expert of our team to work from the client’s installations


Definition and DNA

We sit to have a coffee together and get to know the DNA of the company and value together the vacant position and the candidate’s profile.

We define a plan to find the candidate that meets the established requisites, integrating your processes and our selection procedures to make sure to meet your deadlines.

Applying out @idealFit selection methodology

This allows us to reduce the replacement rate (96% of processes successfully covered)), reduce the turnover rate and avoid the costs associated with an unsuccessful hire.


We select attitude. El 89 % of failed processes are related due to attitude. 


We need to know your values and culture. We will find the @ideal candidate that shares them.


We perform competency tests. The 11% of failed processes are due to a lack of skills.


3 WAY References: We ask for references to all our candidates based on attitude, competency, and culture.

Report and references presentation

We present each candidate’s corresponding references and reports.

 We have several tests that allow us to better know our candidates based on the profile and job position required


We make a follow-up of each step of the process with you and with the candidate, to make sure that any doubt by any of the parts is answered.


We coordinate the final interviews, and we make sure that the negotiation process efficiently flows. We advise you about the candidate’s expectations and limits.

Candidate's integration

Once the candidate has joined your company, we continue with the follow-up to make sure that his/her integration goes according to the plan.

Our specializations















Why hiring

100 % to success

You only pay the fees if we finally incorporate the ideal candidate into your company.

Full guarantee

If the candidate does not fit your needs, we carry out a new selection process at zero cost.

hiring specialized Experts

Greater knowledge and expertise in each sector.

@idealFit Methodology

We guarantee the maximum adaptation of the talent to the requested profile.

Direct/indirect search

We have our own and external databases from specialized portals of 8M candidates nationwide.


Thanks to our network of contacts in the markets in which we specialize, we offer the best advice to our clients and candidates.

Total flexibility

We customize our service according to the selection needs of your company.

Cost and time optimization

We improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the selection process, reducing the cost of having an unfilled position.

About us

People with attitude

At hiring we specialize in being different. What differentiates us? We are not simply “headhunters”, we are career and business strategy consultants. We take the time to advise on all current market conditions, competitor activity, future trends and advise on areas of risk and concern, providing an unrivaled level of client service and integrity.

Backed by our 12+ years of collective experience and proven success rate, we understand firsthand the rigors of the job market.

Our values

At hiring we are confidence, consistency and compromise, always oriented to the client and the candidate. These are the values ​​that drive the entire team and make our human value our great differential.

We try to see beyond a resume and find the best professionals for you and your company.




Own and external database of candidates




Successful processes





Present in the national area

hiring Barcelona - Headquarters

Carretera de Sant Cugat 63A, 08191 (Rubí) Barcelona

hiring Madrid

Torre Europa, Paseo de la Castellana 95,
Planta 29, 28046 Madrid

What our customers think

“Counting on hiring for this project has been a synonym of success. Their trajectory, experience, and instinct makes any organization have the security that it will incorporate talent in its teams. Their client oriented attitude and excellent treatment of the candidates, make working with hiring a safe bet”

“Our experience with one of the talent hiring experts of hiring has been totally positive. He was compromised, resolute, and has effectively resolved the processes that he collaborated in with our company. Highly recommended”

They are a team of great professionals, with a high level of compromise and expertise, that makes it easy and fast the hard job of finding the ideal candidate”

“A team with a lot of experience from a HR background, elegant in their manners, guaranteed discretion in the process and what really makes them different, in my modest opinion, the follow-up and the information they give the candidate in every moment of the process, even if the candidate is rejected. Very well-adjusted support demanded by their client, they present 100% contrasted candidates”